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Please select your equipment from our site. Contact with us by E-Mail,phone or dialog box in our site by the exact date of your rental equipments as soon as possible we are back to you about the status of the conformity of equipment..

Copy of identity,an invoice is regitered your name (or if you are in a companys tax bill,signature,ETC..) in addition for rental costs you should pay cash a rental payment and a deposit.

You can book when you pay the amount of the deposit to our bank account and send the account abstract to us don't forget to get information about the equipment whether it is appropriate or not.

By not making any reservation you cant rent the equipment which you need


You must pay the rental fee and the deposit in advance for renting

We take deposit as much as a rental cost

When you give the equipment back, aftrer controlling them we can pay the deposit in cash or transfer control.


By singing the rental agreement you can get the equipments in our agency at Kadikoy and don't forget the documents for renting (Copy identity,an invoice registired in your name,and a document belong to your company)

It is a procedure in order to protect our mutual rights,please click here to view.

If you are nor familiar with the use of equipment we inform you about the general outline or we can provide you owner's booklet or a PDF file.

It can be delivered by hand.

We are able to provide our courier service to our costumers who work together before. And also the customers should sing the contract which send with courier and courier payment is belong to our new customers.

Coming up to us with the equipment and refresh your rental contract period however,please note that asking thw status of compliance of the equipment.

During the usage of the equipment , in case of falling,berakeage or deteration the cost of repair is belonged to renter.

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