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Istanbul is home to exceeding amounts of visual content with its history by being the vantage point of two continents and with its essence. This imagery creates an environment where Istanbulites simply cannot put away their cameras. Here are the venues of Istanbul, posing with their aura, soul and texture.


Moda presents itself with its have-beens, romances, views, the smell of the sea, its art and the feelings that it evokes within you. With your camera in hand, strolling by the shore, you are able to capture the sky with its mood swings and people with their emotions reflecting off of their faces. The sounds of youth varying by the time of the day, couples on a promenade while holding hands- all create a unique atmosphere found solely at Moda. Leave the Bosphorus behind, delve into the alleyways and they shall greet you with their own world of experiences. Every step you take is met with another wall, another house or maybe even another person, posing for you. Should you desire an Anatolian Side air in your photos, your path must go through Moda.


After exploring part of the Anatolian side's shoreline it goes without saying that you must look upon  your journey from atop a high hill. Çamlıca Hill presents to the photographer a bird's eye view of Istanbul with all its nudity. The Bosphorus, the European side, the sea can all be seen in a state of delightful harmony in the photographs you will capture. A rare venue with plenty of greenery, much can be seen without the need of a lot of exploration. The sea and the green coming together, trees still hiding birds under their branches, trees singing through their leaves… If you want to exhume an air of "gazing upon Istanbul from atop", there's nowhere else better than Çamlıca Hill.


However you look at it, if you want an authentic photograph of Istanbul you'll have your sights set either upon Salacak Coast or The Maiden's Tower. Beholding the European side, The Maiden's Tower famous with its legends is a magnificent spot to press the trigger. Especially during sunset, if you find yourself sitting right in front of the fabled tower with your hand searching for your camera, you might just get the perfect shot, as the seagulls will complete the scenery and lay it bare onto your eyes for them to feast upon.


Istanbul, a grand city conjoining two continents… It is priceless to feel the ebb and flow of the boat, the seagulls and the blue of the sea while crossing the water. To be right in the epicentre of what you have just seen from a bird's eye view, to feel the atmosphere surrounding you and to catch the most pristine state of the blue Bosphorus, one simply needs to hop onto a steamboat and enjoy the ride to its fullest. Wherever you turn your eyes towards you will be met with the most elegant of colours and your lens will capture the liveliness of the chaos around you. Small boats and large tankers crossing paths, the seagulls' rush to grasp the smallest peace of bread up the air, the vague silhouettes of cars passing the bridge… Capturing unique scenes of a pleasant ride is this easy.


Among the view, seagulls and whatnot, one should not forget about the crowd and the people. While everybody is complaining about the swathes of humans it is important to remember that within this sea of people lies diversity, with those people at its heart. Across the ages, persons of all religions, all countries and all walks of life have treaded upon this very street with some rushing off to work, some walking down the street with their beloved and some standing in a corner and performing their tunes to the masses. Istiklal street offers a truly wide range of scenes to photographers. Each face tells a different tale, each alleyway has a distinct style with no two buildings having the exact same architecture and everything posing for your camera. Photographing people in a place where diversity is the key, conjuring stories from existing ones sounds like a day spent in İstiklal.


For some, Balat and Samatya are neighbourhoods left behind and soon to be forgotten. Crushed by the weight of pop culture, it vies to preserve its identity. To visit these places during this struggle is to see the true Istanbul with old, wooden houses, tables and chairs scattered in between streets and to experience genuine neighbourhood culture. Istanbul means scenery, but at the same time Istanbul means culture, a living space. Within Balat's alleyways children will be playing football with a rugged ball, old people continuing their measly existence and newly blossoming buildings will notice your camera before you notice them. Check your camera after you leave the neighbourhood- you might have caught a spirit.


Coming all the way to Balat-Samatya and not visiting the most important location of the European side, Pierre Lotti Hill is just unacceptable, especially when its placing history itself including Galata beneath your feet… Before picking up your camera, look around. With its own habitat not only will you notice the view from a hill which keeps many secrets from you, but the disorganised buildings as well. This will eat you up inside, worry you, but regardless do not be disappointed. The collision of historic structures with this awryness will inspire your photography without you noticing it. We wished it were not like this, though the mood will reflect interestingly onto your trigger.


A tiny place Ortaköy is. A small square, a mosque at that square, many, many cafes and artisans. You might think to yourself, "What can I extract from here?" Stand in front of Ortaköy Mosque. You'll hear the birds flap their wings. Then you'll see the children feeding those birds, people trying to take a picture of themselves by the sea, the tradesmen leaving the mosque, people jumping through hoops to draw customers… You already have the see and the view- the rest is yours to compose.


Finally we have a place where you can gaze at both the view and the masses- Galata Tower. Climb on top and look around. Streets will be exhuming their unique character, the hectic people, giggles, a wave of emotions… Do not let the banality of it all scare you. Pick a street, define your narrative and grab your camera. When you see the photograph you have just taken, you will feel Istanbul seeping into your soul.


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