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As the living standards of young people improve, the creativity inside them is starting to reflect upon their lenses. Each and every project that flows out of their minds is valuable and important, and in the cinema sector many organisations are backing up such people. Here are nine noteworthy institutions which pave the way for the aspiring youth to become directors:

1) Cinema Headquarters

Also known as the Cinema Head Office, the institution was founded in 1977 as a part of the Ministry of Culture Office of Fine Arts. For years the organisation has contributed to the sector in numerous ways alongside helping up and coming directors. The organisation has since been renovated and specialised, guiding new cinema people under a new mission and vision. The institution helps the film sector which has an important place within culture to form its on habitat through economic solutions.


This organisation stands out as an important gateway to the filming industry through organised events, creating both incentives and support for the sector. The Istanbul Film Festival Award Ceremony is a source of great hope and admiration for aspiring directors. The institution also commercially distributes acclaimed pictures, supporting the growth of cinema in Turkey, allowing young directors to earn some sort of income and to be able to continue practicing their craft.

3) Kadraj Sinema

Kadraj Sinema supports the young by providing them the necessary technical know-how and equipment. Young directors, short film and cinema people can benefit from discounts offered by KadrajSinema to purchase or rent equipment, while also receiving technical support from their betters.

4) Boğaziçi Film Festival

The festival is the source of most direct support to young directors. Rather than investing gainings into more adverts, the festivals aim is to redirect this income to small filmmakers.

5) Respective University Departments

Private universities especially stand out on this matter- since they are more economically affluent compared to public universities-  the support received by cinema students and young filmmakers have increased. Students are now able to receive both academic and logistic help.

6) Documentary Filmmaker's Association

An institution approved by the Ministry of Culture, it organises workshops overseen by masters of their craft for students studying in related departments. Allowing public announcements to be filmed by such students generates income for the association.

7) Metropolitan Municipalities' Units for Art

Almost all municipalities offer some form of support for young filmmakers. Some achieve this through cash prizes handed out through competition while others help by donating equipment or helping out with logistics.

8) Turkish Cinematheques Society

The society is one which supports young filmmakers who want to make an impact, have no intentions of making a profit and bases their films on societal problems.

9) New Filmmakers

Founded by the pioneering of Serdar Akar is both a commercial entity and one that makes time for young, aspiring filmmakers.


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